Everything to know about International Numerology Forum – INF

International Numerology Forum (INF) is a platform for the world’s experienced and expert numerologists. INF is established with the mission to help people discover the “Power of Numbers in alleviating mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual sufferings and diseases.” Another prime focus of INF is to bring peace to the world with the help of Numbers.

The member numerologist of INF will engage in discussion, development, and research in the field of Numerology to fulfill the objectives and mission of the platform.

When Was INF Established?

International Numerology Forum Inauguration Speech by Dr. J C Chaudhry

International Numerology Forum was initiated on 18th November 2021. The same day is celebrated as International Numerology Day, every year. The INF is headquartered in India.

Why INF was Formed?

Numerology is a 3000-4000-year old science that has been in practice in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, China, Arab, and India. This mystical science of numbers confers people with miraculous benefits such as: helping one know themselves better, finding a compatible partner for life, selecting the right partners and employees for business success, lucky name suggestions for progress, etc. However, the masses are unfamiliar with the “Power of Numbers” and its benefits. To spread awareness about the science and dispel myths surrounding it, a common platform was required for the exchange of information, hence, International Numerology Forum (INF) was initiated.

Who Founded INF?

International Numerology Forum (INF) was established by Dr. J C Chaudhry. He is the first ever Guinness World Record Numerologist. He has been serving the mankind for 38 years with his numerology solutions such as business numerology, career numerology, name correction solutions, marriage numerology, etc. He founded Chaudhry Nummero Pvt. Ltd in India and Chaudhry Nummero Management Consultancies LLC in UAE to help people lead a better lifestyle with the help of Numbers.

He has penned 2 books on Numerology “Advanced Numerology” and “Prractical Numerology” that encapsulates his wisdom and rich experience. He has also launched the FREE JC Nummerro App that allows people to check their numbers and compatibility.

He felt that Numerology was growing in different isolated areas of the world with accomplished numerologists not enjoying the privilege of communicating with each other effectively. It was his dream to create a global network of numerologists and bring them together on one platform, enabling them to connect and communicate. After brainstorming, he thought of creating International Numerology Forum. Also, the Forum’s agenda is to create a thriving platform for discussion, development, and research in this science. This will help people know how numbers can alleviate suffering and bring peace to the world.

Benefits of Becoming INF Member

  • Expansion of existing knowledge that could be beneficial for personal and professional use.
  • A golden opportunity to share ideas, observations, and discoveries in Numerology on a global platform that could benefit others.
  • Build personal and professional connections with accomplished Numerologists from around the world.
  • An opportunity to get your articles published in bi-annual publications
  • Media coverage and publicity
  • INF will put the Member Numerologists on a Global Map

How to Join INF?

Numerologists from around the globe can be a part of INF. Following are the steps to join INF :-

Note: Please be informed the selection process is at the sole discretion of the INF. 

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