A Guide to Numerology & How It Influences Human Life

The destiny of a person is certain. It cannot be altered. However, a person can lead an improved lifestyle by making decisive decisions. “To be forewarned is to be forearmed,” Numerology reveals the life plan, making us aware of the struggles and opportunities so that we can take better control of our lives.

Origins of Numerology

Numerology is the science of numbers. It is an age-old science dating to the ancient civilizations of Greece, Babylon, China, Egypt, India, and Australia. The word “Numerology” is a hybrid of the Latin word numeus, meaning number and the Greek word logia which mean science. Hence, it is the study of mystical meanings of numbers. There are different types of Numerology systems such as Pythagoras, Chaldean, Kabbalah, Chinese, etc. Each system is different in terms of calculations and predictions. But, every system has numbers at its core, and are the basis for interpretations.

Role of Numerology in Human Life

Numbers play a vital role in human life. Right from birth to eternity, numbers rule us. A person is born on a particular date and time not by chance but through the play of numbers. The Numerology numbers obtained from the date of birth provide insightful information regarding the person’s psychic and destiny that impacts important life decisions. Numerology can be applied in any life situation for enhanced results. The prime role of Numerology is to assist mankind to lead a progressive life by choosing harmonious numbers.

Influence of Numerology on Human Life

Numerology is an ancient science that is 3000-4000 years old. It grew in tiny pockets across the globe; hence, a vast population is oblivious to the miraculous “Powers of Numbers.” Through Numerology wisdom, one can better understand numbers and apply basic numerological principles in life for an improved lifestyle. Numerology touches every aspect of human life in unimaginable ways. No area of life is left untouched where the influence of numbers cannot be felt. From purchasing a car to making the lifelong decision to marry someone, Numerology is functional in every sphere of life. Whether it’s day-to-day activities or life-long associations, this science facilitates humans with sound-decision making and opportunities to embrace prosperity and well-being in their lives. Below mentioned are some of examples where Numerology influences human lives in many ways:

  1. Name is the most valuable identity of a person. Numerology can help a person choose a name with a number having a harmonious effect on life. A favourable name number attracts good luck in life.

  2. Date of birth of a person cannot be changed. But, Numerology suggests name correction to minimise the negative effects of incompatible numbers and to maximise the effect of compatible numbers for a better lifestyle.

  3. Numerology can reveal the right time for starting a business, auspicious date, compatible office address for steady growth in business.

  4. Number calculation can reveal the favourable numbers for a person, lucky dates, and lucky colours. Incorporating these into the life can work wonders for the person.

  5. The number science of Numerology tells a person about the best suited career options, compatibility with the prospective company, best date to join a new company so as to make informed decisions that bring good results.

  6. If an individual want to travel abroad or settle in a new country/city, numerology can help the person select the favourable country, city, or town for smooth realization of your dreams and ambitions.

  7. This science is instrumental in improving relationships and selecting the right marriage partner. It also tells the right wedding date compatible for both groom and bride.

  8. The number analysis can reveal the personality traits, helping a person know themselves better.

  9. Certain health ailments can be avoided with the help of numbers.

  10. Numerology can suggest remedies for a better lifestyle.
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