Frequently Asked Questions

Answering Frequently Asked Questions regarding INF for a better understanding of its purpose of establishment, roles, activities, and benefits.

INF is an International Level Forum that is working towards enlightening the “Power of Numbers” in human lives. So, INF invites experienced and accomplished Numerologists from across the globe to become the part of it. Numerologists from any part of the world can register to be the member of the forum.

The sole aim of INF is to bring acclaimed Numerologists from around the world on one platform to communicate and spread this science to the masses for improved lifestyle. So, INF doesn’t ask for any Fee to be part of this noble cause. Membership is FREE.

The member Numerologists will benefit in the following ways:

  • INF gives you a global platform to exchange Numerology ideas
  • Expansion in one’s horizon and an opportunity to learn new things that could be beneficial for professional practice and personal use.
  • A session to share your Numerology remedies, methods, ideas that have helped people.
  • A chance to meet and greet world renowned Numerologists aiding in connections
  • Media coverage and publicity.
  • Get your work published in bi-annual publications.
  • INF will put the member Numerologists on a global map.

Yes, your information and privacy are protected and respected. INF does not make use of your information for any purpose without your permission.

INF is an International Forum that calls forth numerologists from different nations of the world to become its esteemed members through registrations. The Numerologists that fulfill the eligibility criteria are selected as its members. The members take part in discussion, development, and research in the field of Numerology.

You can get all the updates regarding the INF events under the upcoming events section on the Events page.

Following are the steps to join INF:

  1. Visit the INF website
  2. Fill out the Join us Form
  3. Upload your Photograph 
  4. Submit the Form 


The selection process is at the sole discretion of INF.