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Chaldean Numerology (Name Numerology, Numerology Audit, Naming New Born, Marriage, Love Compatibility)


38 Years

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He is the founder of the International Numerology Forum (INF). He is the first-ever numerologist to win a Guinness World Record in Numerology. He is also fondly revered as the “Number Man” of the country. He is the founder and Chairman of Chaudhry Nummero Pvt. Ltd and Chaudhry Nummero Management Consultancies LLC. He practices Chaldean Numerology and offers Numerology solutions such as Name change/correction services, numerology audits, marriage & relationship, newborn name, best-suited careers as per date of birth, etc. He has encapsulated his decades of experience in two books on Numerology: “Advanced Numerology” and “Prractical Numerology.” His initiatives for promulgating science for the human benefit include the observation of International Numerology Day on 18th November, the establishment of the Indian Institute of Numerology, etc.