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Mobile Numerology, 3D name correction, Vedic Switchwords


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She carries a rich working experience of over 15 years in Indian Financial Markets and has served in various well-known companies in India. Right since her childhood, she was fascinated with Astrology and Numerology as she met various Gurus while accompanying her father when she was a child, who was then looking for mystic help for his business and family, since then she had a firm belief that fortunes and life condition do change if there is a proper guidance and remedies are provided according to your problems.
To pursue her childhood passion which was always “Numerology”, she took a big decision in her life by quitting my well paid job in midst of growing career, as she always had a feeling that something is missing by not following her passion. She is a firm believer in the magic of numbers, as we all know you cannot change your Date of Birth, but you can make a cosmetic change in your name in order to make your name in sync with your Date of Birth but it has to be done with sheer accuracy and following proper method.

She has now spent more than 8 years in this field and have trained more than 10000 students, also helped large number of people to overcome their personal and professional issues by way of personal consultations.